How everything has started

In 2001 in one sunny morning in our house appeared small towsy hot dog with playful glance and high-set tail.

At that very moment we didnt realize how this marvie would change our life. By that time we used to breed Doberman for 15 years and we couldnt even imagine how small happy could be!.

Exactly - this small weird dog ,which is called Cairn Terrier, brought with itself sea of happy, sun and love..

How it could happen that exactly cairn became a member of Dobermans house? Doberman is a strong and serious dog, but at that time for our 3 years old child we needed small marvel with unresting energy. Ive looked over many breeds and tried to choose according to their character and attitude towards children. So for me was important the following things: 1. The dog should be small, but strong enough that the kid cant hurt it. 2. The dog must be easy in grooming, so that you dont need to brush it everyday and the fur in the house must be as small as possible (my sun and husband have an allergy). 3. The most important thing was the dog mustnt be aggressive, especially towards children!.

So, looking through the mass of breeds atlases (Ideliberately didnt address to kennels, because I knew that every breeder sees exactly his/her dog as an ideal), I chose 2 breeds: Westy (West Highland White Terrier) and Cairn. And if Westy I saw a lot of times on dog shows, Cairn I saw only once on not very good picture, so according to these atlases I really liked Cairns character!

It was something what Ive looked for! But at that time there were no Cairns in Russia and to bring dog from the other country for children was just a nonsense! So thats why I paid my attention to Westy.

Westy is absolutely great breed, everything is perfect in it, except white fur. And when I saw how the owners of westy preparing their dogs for shows, I changed my mind (I hope the owners of my favorite Westy forgive me, I didnt want offend them). And today I can say that preparation of Westy for dog shows needs real skill!!

So, when me and my kid were walking on regular dog show, we suddenly saw bill poster! And what do you think, who was on that bill poster? Of course, CAIRN!!!!

I will not stop thank the God for that meeting. And I endlessly thankful our breeder Sorokina Elena, because exactly at that wonderful day she came at that place, and then we had a conversation after which we were invited to her house.

I will never forget that moment: Im standing in front of door and in a few moments I will meet somebody whom I used to search for so long time.

The marvie who I saw was so nice: lively, smart glance of dark eyes. His tail was ready to fall off because of the happy. Infinite confidence. He enslaved my heart.

Glasha ,- it was the name of that wonderful dog. She was real Cairn! She was of dark brindle color with broken as a wire coat (which doesnt need to brush it everyday and wash it very often), she had strong psyche and never barked just because she wanted to. Isnt it a dream?

My husband never liked small dogs, well after a few minutes of communication, he said: Oh, yes, thats real dog , we can hold this breed!

So, from that time during several years, me and my family are the happy owners of this small wonderful breed - Cairn Terrier. He brought in our life so much happy and sun!!

P.S.: At the end of my history I wanna say if you are searching for something, you will find it in any way. Someday you will also find your four footed HAPPY!