Almost everything about Tasha

Life with Cairn Terrier or almost everything about Tasha.

Finally Ive got some time to write about Tasha and Cairn..

So, how we managed to get Tasha you are already know, the only fact I have to mention that we were waiting for her for one year! You have to decide where to buy puppy, it is depend on why you taking it. What for you buy it ( for dog shows or you just need a nice puppy of pet class)? The fact that your puppy will be member of your family, favourite and friend, goes without saying. You also must decide for how much you wanna buy it (Cairn is quite expensive breed).

As for the Cairns health, you can be sure that cairn have a strong health, good immunity ( but it doesnt mean that you dont need to vaccinate it!), and also strong psyche. .

CHARACTERfirst of all - joyful, playful and unbattlesome (usually terriers are very aggressive towards the other dogs). Cairn never fights first! Watching for Tasha and her puppies, I noticed one interesting feature of these dogs they can be in good relationship with anybody: man or big dog! Well, Cairn loves this world so much that sometimes you are wondering is it in reality a hunter breed? Sometimes in our house was living guinea pig , so Tasha just adored it, she loved to lick it and they curiously running by each other (very often Tasha was in role of rabbit). Cairns dont really interested in Natatorial birds, so when our Tasha understood that they can swim really good, she lost an interest towards them. .

Concerning cats! It is absolutely separate discourse! When Tasha was about one year old, we came to my friend who had 3 cats. Tasha was really interested by these wonderful features, afterwards she (thanks to her communicative and friendly character) tried to play with them what forced 3 cats go on closet. Tasha was disappointedOthers meetings with cats in the street were practically the same. She couldnt understand why they are fuffing or running away? I think that Cairn at the beginning accepts cat as a dog. And if cairn doesnt live with cat in one house, he disappointed in it (because kitty doesnt play with Cairn and ignore him) and loose an interest towards cats (thats what happened with Tasha and her son Yegik). More often they just dont pay attention to cats..

In general Cairns are unique dogs. They can be so quite and peaceful, that sometimes you are wondering-where is my dog? And in this very moment cairn is just sleeping under the sofa or bed because her mom (I mean me) had no time to play with him, and said dont worry her! But if you asked Cairn to play with you, he would become the most playful dog in the world! Cairn is ready to sleek to death anybody whom he meets in the street, in the underground, it doesnt matter where, the most important thing that the man pays attention to Cairn, then at this very moment he becomes crazy about it! How he can pass through without kissing such a wonderful man!

What a children! There are no sweeter features in the world. What a smell, it is pleasingly to slick them. And the most important thing - it is so great to play with them!!!

Thats practically everything what I wanted to tell you about Cairns, at least it was story about Tasha and her puppies. The only thing I didnt mention that Cairns have really strong character and sometimes they can be stubborn. But you can easily overcome this problem, you just need to explain in puppy who is leader in your hierarchy and while he is growing from time to time remind him who is who I think it concerns any breed.